Here at Amazing Impressions Modeling we strive for high quality shows. We provide the best Models on the grid as well as amazing and personalized sets and shows created to fit our various Clients. AIM high and give that Amazing first Impression every time.

At AIM we give each designer the chance to choose one model that is not part of AIM Agency to represent the brand. So if you have a muse, store manager, Miss or Mister of your brand, you can ask that person to be in the show…

We work according to the budget of you and are available to talk about it.

We make sure our models are checked before each show to represent your brand the best.

We make sure the show if ready to rock and advertise in several groups.

After the show we will contact you to ask for a review and send you the link to the pictures and video.

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  • BonieFacio
    • Owner & CEO
    • Email:


  • Diana Balhaus
    • Models Coordinator and Designer Liaison
  • Falbala Fairey
    • Models Coordinator and Designer Liaison
  • Kathrin Dassin
    • Responsible for DJs, hosts & scripts
  • Locuala Madruga
    • Styling checks & rehearsals
  • Silvano Korobase
    • Styling checks & rehearsals


  • Charlieza
  • Shockerz
  • Serenatsukino
  • Logan
  • Koda
  • Solderothmanay


  • Solderothmanay
  • Kathrin Dassin
  • BonieFacio
  • Thainoodles