ASCENDENT was founded on the belief that everyone should have a chance to become a model without spending a small fortune. While our cost is considerably more affordable than other schools, you can rest assured that you will receive a top notch education with instructors who truly want you to succeed.
Our instructors have a combined 20 years of experience in the Second Life high fashion industry. We are truly committed and dedicated to training professional models. You are not just a student at AMA, you are part of a family.
At ASCENDENT Modeling Academy, we hold ourselves, our models, and our students to the highest standards of the high fashion modeling community. Our dedication to our models and our students goes beyond your training as a student. Our instructors and owners are always available to our models and students, even after you have graduated and moved on to other things.
You are always a part of ASCENDENT Modeling Agency and Academy!

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Cost: Pay in advance cost: L$8,000 (This price reflects a L$2,000 discount)
Pay as you go amount: L$1,000/wk (total cost is L$10,000)

Location: Wedding Isle/202/64/2002

Apply online:

Or fill out the inworld application notecard and drop it in the red mailbox.

Class Schedule: Saturdays @ 10 am SLT

Academic Outline:

  • What is being professional all about and why it’s important to your career
  • Profiles and why they are important
  • Learn the types of modeling and other jobs that are available as a high fashion model
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses
  • Learn why a models’ body has to be a certain size
  • How does body size interact with mesh bodies and body parts
  • Have a complete understanding of how shape affects your skin and appearance
  • Learn color theory and understand why it is important to know as a model
  • Learn how everything is related to color theory
  • You will learn how to critique yourselves and others and why it is important
  • You will learn how to write description cards, styling cards, pageant cards and what should and should not be in each
  • Optimizing your computer settings
  • Learn genres
  • Learn about poses and pose priorities
  • How to choose the best pose and walk for your outfit
  • How to choose the best pose and walk based on the type of modeling you are doing
  • Learn how to choreograph your poses so that they tell a story
  • Learn how to use a HUD for the runway
  • How to walk straight lines
  • How to walk and make turns
  • Proper techniques for making turns
  • Learn how to use the DV C HUD or similar
  • Learn how to walk and pose manually
  • Learn how to walk the obstacle course
  • Learn to take cues via the DV C
  • Learn what to do and NOT do before a show
  • Practice single and double walks
  • Learn the fundamentals of second life photography
  • Learn how to write your model resume
  • How to promote yourself
  • Start your blog
  • STYLING will be a part of every class you have


  • Gavin Myer (gavinmyer)
    • Board Member, Director of Operations, Student Intake
    • Email:
  • Cyle Parx (cyle.parx)
    • Board Member
  • Elita Christine Fagen-Parx (elita.wardell)
    • Board Member
  • Katie Michelle Fagan (katiemichelle)
    • Board Member
  • Lorelei Maggs-Myer (lorelei.maggs)
    • Board Member
  • Popper (popper.tigerpaw)
    • Board Member


  • Elita Christine Fagen-Parx (elita.wardell)
  • Gavin Myer (gavinmyer)
  • Katie Michelle Fagan (katiemichelle)
  • Lorelei Maggs-Myer (lorelei.maggs)
  • Popper (popper.tigerpaw)